My Approach

I genuinely know how lonely it can be when you're battling away trying to grow your business. Sometimes you just need someone there that can help you through situations that occur or help you see the wood from the trees when things get a bit murky. My approach is a simple one, we will work together through just connecting in whatever way suits you, I can provide you with my own insights and thoughts as well as putting you in touch with others that may be better placed to support if the situation occurs.


We can setup meetings, calls, video calls, WhatsApp's - whatever you feel comfortable with. My aim is to be a sounding board so being able to contact me is key.


Sometimes, just having another person there to check in with and ensure that you are on the right track is all that is needed. I can be that person for you, holding you accountable to what really matters.

My Experience

I'll support you with the experiences I've been through in the last 30 years as a business owner. You'll be surprised just how similar situations are across businesses.

My Network

I've met a huge number of people throughout my career and have some fantastic contacts across a wide range of areas. I'm happy to open my black book for you and provide introductions where necessary.

Simple Takeaways

It's hard enough trying to balance everything. I'll try and keep things simple, with clear actionables so we can ensure that we make progress.


One thing I always valued was honesty, no sugar coating. I'll always vow to give you my honest opinion. We don't need to agree every time but I'm not here to massage your ego!


I’m here as a friendly ear and to offer my help, business is a world with many questions and it’s difficult to put all of the little things that can help into a ‘service’. I am simply here to offer my guidance, connections and experience.

Projects I’ve worked with recently

I'd whole heartedly recommend Julian as a business coach and advisor. He's been incredibly helpful to myself and the team at Populate.

Daniel Simmons
Founder, Populate Social

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